Explore the Customizable Driving Experience of the Lincoln MKZ!

The Lincoln MKZ is a popular luxury sedan that offers a distinct driving experience throughout the Odessa, TX region. These vehicles are equipped with high-tech drive control features that give drivers the freedom to choose their own ride quality.

The MKZ comes with Active Noise Control technology, which guarantees a pleasant driving experience. This feature monitors the sound profile of the car's interior, and moderates incoming sound to maximize aural experience. Thanks to a system of competing sound waves, unwanted sounds are dampened and desired sounds are heightened. While ANC enhances the in-cabin driving experience, the MKZ also has features to augment ride quality. Adaptive Suspension technology allows drivers to adjust their suspension with the click of a button. They can choose between several operating modes, including Sport, Normal, and Comfort.

If you're interested in taking the Lincoln MKZ for a test drive, visit us soon at Sewell Ford-Lincoln in Odessa!

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