A Cooler Car for a More Comfortable Drive this Summer

There are few things related to summer that we like less than a hot car parked in the sun all day; opening that door is like leaning into an open furnace, and it's not fun for anyone. So, to help you have a more comfortable and safe drive, we've got three tips on how to cool down that steaming-hot cabin. Check it out:

  • Keep your steering wheel cool by turning it upside down when you park
  • Prevent burning your hand on your gear shift by covering it with a drink koozie
  • Before you get inside, roll down a passenger side window and "fan" the driver door to push the hot air out of the cabin

If you're in need of a vehicle to use your new-found car-cooling knowledge on, come out to our Odessa, TX dealership and find the ride of your life. With so many new Lincoln models to explore, and with our experts at your side with details and answers, you'll have an exciting and educational experience with us no matter what you decide.

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