An Explanation of Some of the Most Common Dashboard Warning Light Symbols

If you see a warning icon pop up on your dashboard repeatedly, you should pay attention to what it is. There could be a minor or major issue with one of your vehicle's components. Here is what some of these warning icons mean.

A warning symbol that you may see is a thermometer above two bars. This is the coolant temperature warning icon. It means that the temperature of your vehicle has reached above normal. You should double check your coolant levels, radiator cap, fan and check for any leaks. If the problem still persists then bring it in to Sewell Ford-Lincoln to have our experts look at and diagnose.

Another icon you may see is a windshield with a wiper. As you may guess, this indicates that there is a problem with the windshield. This icon usually means that your washer fluid is running low and should be refilled. If you are unsure what your warning light symbol means, bring your vehicle to Sewell Ford-Lincoln and we will diagnose and repair the issue for you.

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