Which Is Better, All-Wheel-Drive or Four-Wheel-Drive?

There is some misunderstanding occasionally when it comes to defining the terms “four-wheel drive" and "all-wheel drive". Many people wonder if they are defining the same thing in different ways, so our team at Sewell Lincoln is here to dispel any misconceptions.

Four-wheel-drive has been around longer, so it is probably more familiar to most people. It is made functional by a split differential and lower gear ratios, making it possible to put more traction on the driving experience. Pickup trucks and bigger sized off-road SUVs are the vehicles that use a four-wheel-drive system.

All-wheel-drive systems are meant to be used for paved roadways as opposed to off-road applications. With this system, power is sent to all of the wheels with extra boosts for road conditions that are more extreme per wheel. This provides a safe and smooth source of power for all four wheels. Sedans, crossovers, and high-performance vehicles use this method which provides an excellent remedy for rainstorms, snowy and icy weather conditions.

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